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Cyber Attacks Hit Banks

Nationalised banks in India like SBI, HDFC, YES and AXIS Bank have blocked millions of Debit cards of their certain customers and has started to issue them new cards in “precautionary” measures after being informed of potential risks to those card.


PM Modi at Nasscom event pleads every student of India to come foward and utilize the opportunities in Cyber safety. He says students should create Cyber security system that is stable and much better than Firewall

PM Modi Highlights On Possible Cyber Security Measures

'We need to think about whether we can collaborate with NASSCOM and form a task force to contribute towards global cyber security," says PM Modi.content.

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Increase in cyber crime due to growing internet usage

The Increase in the cyber crime has recently tolled up as the internet usage by the public is growing.

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New cyber-bullying weapon

Extensive use of mobile phones make youth an easily targeted object for cyber bullying.